About the Show


"The human heart refuses to believe in a universe without purpose." 

-- Immanuel Kant

Governments change, economies tumble and soar, and headlines trumpet the scandal of the day. All the while, Tapestry deals with the more subtle news of life -- a thoughtful consideration of what it means to be human.

Tapestry is the place where you can wonder about the big questions you've been too busy to consider during the week.  We'll hear rabbis and gardeners getting equal time on the topic of belief. Science-fiction writers and physicist-priests kick around the world's great creation myths.  Athletes explore the hero's journey as a spiritual metaphor, and musicians make the connection between song and the human spirit.  

We'll also meet regular people just trying to make sense of the world, whether they're finding their way as believers or atheists - or everything in-between.

Tapestry is hosted by Mary Hynes, and produced by Elizabeth Bowie and Carma Jolly. 

You'll hear Tapestry on CBC Radio One Sunday afternoon at 2:00 Atlantic, Eastern and Central, 3:00 Pacific, and 4:00 Mountain. 

And, of course, on the podcast whenever you please. You can download the episodes and subscribe at our site, or sign up with iTunes. 

You can also hear every episode by streaming the audio from our website. 

In the US, the program is broadcast in Seattle, Washington, by Radio Station KXOT.

About the Team

Elizabeth Bowie, senior producer


When Elizabeth Bowie was six years old, she decided she wanted to be a reporter. When she was seven, she had her birthday party at the CBC studios in her hometown of Halifax. And when she was eight, she wrote to the CBC and asked if she could have a job. Elizabeth still has the letter HR sent back, thanking her for her interest and asking her to wait ten years. She did, and soon after arrived on the doorstep of CBC Ottawa. There, in the tallest turret of the old Chateau Laurier studios, she got her start as the early morning traffic reporter. Elizabeth has been a producer with CBC's GO, Spark and Tempo. When she's not kicking up her heels with Mary and Carma, she can be found in dingy piano bars, singing the Carly Simon Songbook.

Carma Jolly, producer

carma-jolly.jpgCarma Jolly (aka Raji) loves to tell people's stories -- ordinary and epic. She has worked with CBC Radio since 1993 and has won awards from all over the world for her work in documentary. If you google her name, you might also find a thing or two about audio art. That's the official lowdown, but here are some little-known facts: her hobbies are bellydancing and beekeeping (not at the same time, but there's an idea....)