February 2014

Lights, Camera, Religion!

Can Saturday night at the movies remind you of Sunday morning at church or Friday night at temple? Sure thing, if you see Martin Scorcese's...


Discovering Deafness Halfway Through Life

We meet a man who went decades without realizing he was partially deaf. Gerald Shea spent years transcribing what he heard, trying to make sense out of...


Thou Shalt Follow Me On Twitter

When God tweets, the world listens. In the Twitterverse, @TheTweetOfGod is pulling in more than one million followers. We tried to talk with God. In his place,...


A Love Supreme: God in the Music of John Coltrane

This week on Tapestry, we explore the music and spirituality of the jazz great John Coltrane. To some jazz fans, he was the high priest...


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