January 2014

Tales from the Crypt

The poet John Donne called death 'mighty and dreadful.'  We can think of a few other names, courtesy of the people who work with it,...


Religious Freedom vs. Equality Rights

Can traditional religions co-exist with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?  Recently,  a student at York University asked, on religious grounds, to be excused from...


Parent and Child: The Ties that Bind

It's a hard thing to put into words, but a teacher named Elizabeth Stone may have nailed it.  She wrote:  "Making the decision to have...


The Importance of Being Sexual

What if the classic sensual tome The Arabian Nights: Tales from aThousand and One Nights had been written by a scientist? A scientistwho specializes in...


The Truth About Karma / My Twin the Dalai Lama / Doc: If You Can Breathe

The idea of Karma has become so entrenched in popular culture, you can find it in song titles, tv shows, or on the chalk board...


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