Baby Guru

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baby-101710.jpgThis week on Tapestry, we explore the spiritual power of babies.  Mary Hynes speaks with psychologist and philosopher Alison Gopnik, who argues that babies might  have more to teach us than we've ever realized.  

Also on the program, a documentary by CBC radio producer, Frank Faulk.  Frank introduces us to Gary Davis, who is happily married, and happily a father to two grown kids.  He also has a successful career in business.  One might think that Gary is a guy who has it all figured out. 

But if you were to ask Gary Davis about all this, he would tell you he has nothing figured out, and that's okay.  The people who taught him all his life lessons didn't have it all figured out either, he says.  Gary's teachers weren't professors, gurus, or psychologists. They were the babies he met as a young man working at a daycare center, and the terminally ill patients he sees when he volunteers at the Queensway-Carlton Hospital in Ottawa.

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