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Past Episodes: July 2012 Archives

Overtime on the phone?

A new survey finds the average North American workday is expanding. Employees spending on average seven hours of overtime a work week on their cell phones after hours. Linda Schweitzer teaches management at the Sprott School of Business in Ottawa. We hear what she has to say about the blurring line between home and work.

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The death of VHS

It's the end of an era. The Thunder Bay Library is selling off its collection of kids videos for cheap this week. The CBC's Adrienne Lamb dropped by the Brodie Branch to hear what librarian Laura Prinselaar has to offer.

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After the Flood: The Need Continues in Thunder Bay

Two months ago East End homeowner Jessica Sharpe was the one helping her neighbours through the disaster. She offered food and shelter. Now she's the one needing help. Hear how she's been forced from her home and what she wants you to do about it.

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