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A week-long series examining public transit in the Greater Sudbury region.

Ride at Five

Everyday, Erik White will take a ride on Sudbury public transit. His collection of stories will be collected here.

On Monday, Erik spoke to Marissa Connelly. Marissa uses transit to travel to Laurentian College, where she is studying to become an Urban Planner. She had some suggestions for improving ridership and service.
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On Tuesday, Erik spoke to a couple of occasional transit users - a house painter on his way to work and an Azilda woman heading across the town to a physiotherapy appointment.
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Wednesday we meet some riders at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. It's a popular stop for shoppers and mall employees... but also for anyone heading to Coniston or Garson.
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Thursday on the Ride at 5, we meet a Capreol woman who became a dedicated bus rider after being in a bad car crash. Listen audio (runs 3:34)

Friday on the Ride at 5, commute home with a provincial government employee who has been a dedicated transit rider since she was a university student in Sudbury in the 1970s. Listen audio (runs 5:19)