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Last Updated: Sept. 4, 2013

Laurentian is now home to the first new school of architecture to open in Canada in the last 40 years. There are many hopes placed on what the school will accomplish for the community and the region. We're talking to people about what they'd like to see come out of the school. This CBC series profiles the people and the places behind the project.

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Bill Birdsell knows the school has a lot of work to do to get accredited because it's a time consuming and difficult process, but he see it happening because of the strength of the program.

The CBC's Jenifer Norwell got a tour around the city with a local architect to find out more about some of our more interesting buildings.

Alexandra Lee see the direct comparison between music and architecture because they use many of the same themes and have similar impacts on community.

Ian, Frank and Jan believe that the school of architecture will be a boost to Sudbury because it will grow its creativity, reputation and economy.

Terry Galvin is explaining the logistics of how and where the students will live because no additional housing was made nor were there more parking lots added.

Sandy, Danielle and Chris are explaining why they wanted to be students at the school because it has yet to be accredited and they are the first batch of students.

Oryst Sawchuck sees both buildings the school is in as significant because they speak to the past of the community and have a long history of use.

David Robinson and his daughter developed the idea of the school of architecture and helped pitch it to the community because they believe it's essential to the survival and growth of the city.

With an Ojibwe prayer, and the toot of a passing train, Laurentian University officially opened its School of Architecture yesterday. The doors to the renovated former market and telegraph building opened to allow the community a glimpse inside. An estimated couple of hundred people ranging from faculty, students, downtown business people to curious on-lookers stood for an hour under sunny skies to hear dignitaries praise the new school. Reporter Kate Rutherford was in the crowd and put together this soundscape. It starts off with Laurentian University president Dominic Giroux welcoming the crowd.

All this week on Morning North and Points North, we've been talking to the staff at the new school of architecture. We've met people with varied backgrounds from around the country and the world. Today, the CBC's Jenifer Norwell will introduce you to the final instructor in our professor profiles. She's someone who has come a long way to make her home in the Nickel City.

Sudbury got its first real introduction to the Laurentian School of Architecture today. But first, the CBC's Jenifer Norwell is continuing to introduce you to the new architecture staff. Our next professor profile features an instructor with roots in Ontario.

Today, you'll get to meet an instructor with international roots. The CBC's Jenifer Norwell sat down with Randall Kober to hear about his connection to architecture.

Laurentian Architecture (Tuesday)

The Laurentian School of Architecture opens tomorrow for the first day of classes. 70 new students heading into the freshly renovated space. I'll be broadcasting live from the new school on Friday. And in the lead up to that event, the CBC's Jenifer Norwell will be introducing you to the six professors at the school. First up, a Chicago instructor with roots in Quebec.

We're ramping up to the opening of the new Laurentian School of Architecture tomorrow. But tomorrow's not only the launch of the program. It's the start of the school's inaugural lecture series, "Visions in Canadian Design." Douglas Cardinal is the first speaker in the series. He's designed many notable buildings including the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the National Museum of the American Indian.

Professor Jake Chakasim

Professor David Fortin

Laurentian Architecture (Monday)

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The ribbon on the new School of Architecture in Sudbury isn't even cut yet and some of the minds behind it are already thinking about the next moves.
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The charter class of the Laurentian University School of Architecture in Sudbury takes a seat for the first time tomorrow — but not without a small amount of risk.
Laurentian School of Architecture opens Wednesday
On Wednesday, the Laurentian University School of Architecture will officially open its doors on Elgin Street.

Sources: LGA Aritectural Partners, Jessica Pope, Jenifer Norwell

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