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Part 1: Continuing our "Healing After Abuse" series, we meet Sudbury resident Dan Racicot who has used his love of music, photography, and nature throughout his healing process.


Part 1: A constant struggle for male survivors and those in the counselling system is the underfunding of programs for sexually abused men. We hear from Francine Boudreau, executive director of the Sudbury Counselling Centre, about how it recently received provincial funding from the Ministry of the Attorney General to run individual and group programs aimed specifically at male survivors of sexual abuse.

Part 2: Paul Leduc was a paramedic student at Cambrian College in Sudbury when he began seeking counselling for the sexual abuse he faced in his childhood. After Jack Juhlin counselled Paul pro bono for several sessions, Paul got full funding from a provincial bursary. He is now starting a national organization to raise money so that other men can be as fortunate as he was, and have their counselling covered..


Part 1: It has been nearly a decade since there's been a support group in Sudbury for male survivors of sexual abuse. Earlier this fall, a new group started through the Sudbury Counselling Centre. We ask male survivors and the group facilitator to walk us through the benefits and challenges of beginning group healing.

Part 2: Rick Comeau is one of 11 men in the Sudbury Counselling Centre's new support group for male survivors of sexual abuse. He tells us his own personal story and explains why he's been fighting for a group like this for the past two years.


Part 1: Society has created an image of man that is strong, quiet, and immune to emotional harm - male survivors of sexual abuse have had to overcome these societal expectations to tell their stories. We discuss the uncertainties placed on male survivors by both society and themselves.

Part 2: We hear the story of Jody Whelan, one Sudbury survivor who overcame both the stigma associated with speaking out as a male survivor of sexual abuse while also coming out of the closet. A conversation about the incorrect link that can be drawn between sexual orientation and sexual abuse.


Part 1: We begin the series "Healing After Abuse" with a debrief from CBC reporter Hilary Duff. We also hear from Jack Juhlin, a Sudbury psychotherapist who is retiring after more than three decades of work in the community with male survivors. He tells us about the historical context of services for males in the northeast.

Part 2: We hear from the executive director of Rockhaven, a recovery house in Sudbury for men with substance abuse. She talks about the prevalence of former sexual abuse among the men at the house and also touches on the relationship between abuse and addiction.