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Personal Stories

During the week of September 4th, 2012, CBC Radio One took an in-depth look at cancer care in northeastern Ontario. We went inside the Northeast Cancer Centre to understand the current level of care, the challenges that are ahead, and innovative research being undertaken in Sudbury. You can find those stories under the tabs above. We also featured the voices of people in northern Ontario who have confronted the disease:

Casey Ouellette

Thirteen-year-old Casey Ouellette of Sturgeon Falls describes going through treatment for a form of childhood Leukemia. She finished her chemotherapy about a year ago and has to wait for five years to pass before doctors will declare her cancer free.

Pina Cotesta

When Pina Cotesta's 8 year-old daughter Laura was diagnosed it meant traveling to Toronto for all diagnosis and treatment. A fundraising campaign in Laura's name has now raised more than $500,000 for the Northern Cancer Foundation.

Wendy Peters

Sudbury's Wendy Peters describes her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41, including 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 25 rounds of radiation treatment.

Shawn Swords

Laurentian University men's basketball coach Shawn Swords talks about his sister's battle with breast cancer. Carolyn took the Lady Vees to two national championships during her playing days at Laurentian.

Terry Ames

Sudbury's Terry Ames talks about the discovery of his non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and how he had to seek alternative treatments internationally.