News headlines over the past few years have been full of housing crises, hunger strikes, public protests and the Idle No More movement.

The national conversation about Canada's relationship with First Nations has reached a critical point.

CBC News is examining the state of that relationship in Sudbury and northeastern Ontario — and you are invited to be part of the conversation.

Nbisiing Secondary School

Nbisiing Secondary School

There's some controversy over the First Nations Education Act announced by the federal government. We wrap up our Aboriginality series, with a look at a look at education on-reserve through a documentary prepared by the CBC's Megan Thomas.

Muriel Sawyer has been teaching Anishinabemwin, the Nipissing dialect of Ojibway for 40 years. She spoke with the CBC 's Megan Thomas about working in the education system, first off reserve, and now at Nbisiing Secondary School.

Blair Beaucage is a former Nbisiing Secondary School student who went on to attend college and university and is now an intern at Nbisiing. He shared his experience with the CBC's Megan Thomas.

Aboriginal Recruiter

Aboriginal Recruiter

Nancy Burke is the aboriginal recruiter at Cambrian College in Sudbury. We interviewed just after she started in the summer, then caught up with her in December after she had just finished a 12-week tour of the province speaking with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal high school students.

The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

As we continue our series Aboriginality, we look back on the 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. Millions of dollars were spent to better understand the relationship with Native people in Canada. Has anything changed?

Cambrian College

Aboriginality: Cambrian College

Our Aboriginality series is meant to help us better understand the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. In this edition, a feature documentary which offers a look at the growth of First Nations culture on campus at Cambrian College.

Craig Jackson

Aboriginality: Craig Ferguson

We continue our series Aboriginality by introducing you to Craig Jackson. He is a member of the Wikwemikong First Nation. On this Remembrance Day, it's appropriate to point out that he was once a soldier, a US Marine, but that's just part of his identity.

Friendship Centres

Aboriginality: Friendship Centres

In this edition of our series Aboriginality, a look at Native friendship centres. They're doing much more than they ever have serving an expanding off-reserve population but they aren't getting much more money to do it.

The Attawapiskat Election

Election Day in Attawapiskat

We continue our Aboriginality series with a documentary that looks at the election campaign in Attawapiskat last summer. The CBC's Erik White shines a spotlight on this election and First Nations elections in general.

The Corbiere Decision

Corbiere Decision

Documentary from the CBC's Erik White looks at the historic Corbiere Decision: A supreme court ruling that some say changed the place of Aboriginal people in Canada. It began with a man from Batchewana First Nation, near Sault Ste. Marie, and his 2 sons.