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The Edmonton… Oil Barons? Renaming The Eskimos With Ryan McMahon
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Should a pro sports team that has a name with offensive connotations change it? It's a question that's been asked a lot lately, especially with regards to the NFL's Washington Redskins. USA Today has a roundup of recent opinion pieces about the Redskins' brand, and The Onion weighed in a while back by saying that the team had changed its name — to the D.C. Redskins.

But not as much attention has been paid to Canadian teams that could stand to reconsider their names. George Tonight asked Anishinaabe comedian Ryan McMahon to suggest alternative names for the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos.

Ryan's answers, from the Edmonton Escalators to the Edmonton Oil Barons, are hilarious. They also prove that finding a new name for a sports team isn't always easy.