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Shay Mitchell On The Hollywood Beauty Standard: ‘No One Looks Like That’
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When Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell was in the red chair one of the topics she talked to George about was the pressures that come with being a high profile entertainment figure.

Mitchell explained how she deals with negative scrutiny.

"I honestly feel like you have to have a really good team of people," said Mitchell. "And I feel like that is so important to have in this industry because you can get so critical of yourself. Every red carpet photo you do, you're looking at it and being like, 'Oh, should I have worn that? Should I have not?' You have a million other people [giving their opinions]. Instagram — you post a photo, those comments, I read them and it does hurt sometimes seeing it, but at the end of the day I just have to look at it and be like, 'You're never going to have everybody who's going to love you, you know what I mean?' And that's not my goal in life either."

Mitchell also talked about the unrealistic beauty standards young women set for themselves. Her message: that models and actresses have lots and lots of help to look the way they do.

"No one looks like that," said Mitchell. "I have friends that are like supermodels, and we all have our own imperfections. Nobody's perfect, there's so much Photoshop that goes on, it's insane, it would blow your mind. And that's why I want a lot of the young girls who watch our show to know that even in those morning scenes, when we wake up, we have makeup on.

"Like, for two hours we've had a professional makeup artist sit there and put eyelashes on. You know, I have eyelashes on right now, there it is. I just think that's important because so many girls just get caught up and especially when you're in high school and you know, you're going through that whole phase, and you think that that's what you're supposed to look like? No, you'd be trying your whole life."

Shay Mitchell's interview with George airs Friday, March 14, 2014 on CBC.