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Saoirse Ronan On Shooting Her Father In How I Live Now: “It Was A Bit Odd”
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Fast-rising Irish actress Saoirse Ronan told George what it was like to "shoot" her father, actor Paul Ronan, in the new film How I Live Now.

It turns out Ronan, whose breakout role was as a child assassin in the film Hanna, said it's a rather peculiar sensation.

Here's how that conversation went:

GS: Do you shoot your father in this movie?

SR: I shoot my father. With a gun… as you do.

GS: I pass no judgment on your culture. I don’t know what your culture’s like.

SR: Again, Irish. They needed a Man 1 and a Man 2 in How I Live Now that chase myself and little Harley Bird who’s the kid in the film – gorgeous little redhead. I don’t know if you guys know, do you know Peppa Pig? Yeah, the cartoon? So she is Peppa Pig, so she’s a bit of a celebrity... But yeah, these two guys are chasing us near the end of the film, and I get to shoot my dad. So yeah, it was a bit odd.

Ronan's used to seeing her father in uncomfortable positions in his acting roles. George asked her about that, too.

GS: I think your father’s also died heavily, been hurt heavily, in pictures before. Did you see them when you were growing up?

SR: I knew that he got his head chopped off in a film, in a film called Ordinary Decent Criminal. And yeah, he’s been shot in a good few films.

GS: Do you remember the first time you saw that?

SR: Yeah, he was shot in The Devil’s Own – or no, his head was cut off in The Devil’s Own. [laughing] This is awful! His head was cut off in The Devil’s Own, which was an Irish IRA film. I don’t think I was too affected by it. I think I always knew that it wasn’t real, you know? ‘Cause there was a friend of mine and she was convinced that there was two of my dad. And one was Paul here, and one was the one on the TV, and they were different. But they were still both my dad. She could not comprehend it when we were kids. Whereas I always kind of understood it, you know?

Apparently Saoirse's parents can't quite muster the same casual air about her uncomfortable on-screen situations.

GS: Can he watch you when you get beat up or go through tough times in a film?

SR: I think he finds it quite emotional, yeah. He gets very emotional when he watches me on screen. So does Mom. I think with The Lovely Bones in particular, they had a hard time watching that.

Saoirse Ronan's interview on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight airs Friday, November 8 at 7 pm and 11:30 pm.


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