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Coming Up: Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco visits the House of Strombo for an acoustic session.

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Rachelle Lefevre On Body Image: ‘It’s Been A Really Big Journey For Me’
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When Canadian actor Rachelle Lefevre was in the red chair, George showed her a couple of tweets she had previously published concerning her hair, makeup and body image, and asked her why it was such an important topic for her.

"It's been a really big journey for me," Lefevre said. "I have had really bad periods in my life.... I weigh myself every morning, just as a mechanism for staying fit and staying aware, because I love food so much. Part of the problem is that, sometimes it just gets a little too much. I get on the scale and I get a little too fixated on the number.

"I'm aware of the cycle of self-loathing. My self-worth can get really tied up in that. And I have a younger sister who just turned 17. So I'm also really aware of her experience, and what it does to her to see magazines and actors and things like that."

Lefrevre stars in the CBS television series Under The Dome, whose second season premieres this summer, and the upcoming film Reclaim. Her interview on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight airs Tuesday April 28 on CBC Television.