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Michael Bublé: “I Hate Social Media”
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When singer Michael Bublé spoke to George from the scenic Pacific Rim National Park in Ucluelet, B.C., one of the things he talked about was his strong feelings on social media.

"I hate social media," Bublé told George. "You can't do anything. You can't get away with anything. Not that that's what I'm trying to do, but you're burned all the time.

"It's not just about me. I watch it happen to other people and it scares me.... People can say whatever they want and the best part is it doesn't have to be true. There's no responsibility that they have to take, there's no integrity.... It's blogs. People can write whatever they want about you. Sometimes it can be ridiculous and you can think to yourself, 'Well, no one will believe that.' But they do."

Bublé was even more direct when it came to discussing his young son Noah Bublé.

"He is off limits," says Bublé. "I'm pretty easy-going. If you know me in my life I'm just easy-going, I want people to like me, I'm not a confrontational guy. But, man, there's just not an inch to be crossed. The people that are with me today, they know that I'm not messing around with that. And if you mess with my kid... honest to god, if they mess with my kid, I'm scared for them. 

"I know what I'm capable of."

Michael Bublé's interview with George airs Monday, March 17 on CBC.