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Ken Dryden Calls Carey Price “Tough-Minded,” Thinks P.K. Subban Could Score On Him
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Ken Dryden, the former goaltending great with the Montreal Canadiens hockey club in the 1970s, believes Carey Price, the person who currently occupies that position, possesses one very important attribute for the job.

"What I find really interesting about him is he started in Montreal spectacularly. Then he flattened out and maybe went down a bit for awhile, and then has had to find his way back. If you can survive that in Montreal you're a pretty tough-minded person," said Dryden, who added that he hoped this mental fortitude will help Price when he represents Team Canada at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. "And a pretty tough-minded person is what you need on, I hope, February the 23rd when it is a Canada-Russia final. 

"That would be perfect."

George also showed Dryden a clip asking current Canadiens players if they'd be able to score on the five-time Vezina trophy winner. P.K. Subban figured, yes, he'd be able to, but credits having access to modern sticks and equipment as the reason why.

Dryden, who served as an MP for York Centre from 2004-2011, agreed.

"It's interesting that it would be P.K. Subban that would say that," said Dryden. "And of course he's right. I mean, if he came in it would be far harder for me to stop him than it would for him to score. And good for him as someone who has a superstar's ability to also have a superstar's attitude."

Ken Dryden's full interview with George airs Tuesday, February 4 on CBC. The 30th anniversary edition of Dryden's book The Game is available now.


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