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Kathleen Wynne: “I Am Not Interested In Attacking Human Beings”
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Ontario Premier and leader of the provincial Liberal party Kathleen Wynne says she's not a fan of negative advertising campaigns in politics.

"I don't like negative advertising. I really don't like it," Wynne told George in an interview. "So what I've said to people is we have to contrast, y'know, we have to demonstrate how we're different from the Conservatives and the NDP, but I am not interested in attacking human beings. I'm not interested in attacking a personality.

"[Ontario NDP leader] Andrea Horwath and [Ontario Conservative leader] Tim Hudak are in this business for good reasons and their own reasons and so I can challenge their ideas or their lack of ideas. But I don't want to get into a personal attack." 

George then asked whether Wynne will resort to attack adds herself in the forthcoming Ontario election.

"I don't think vicious attack does work," said Wynne. "I think that it turns people off. And I think one of the reasons that we have a large segment of the population, particularly young people, is that they hear a lot of pre-fabricated back-and-forth, that is sort of personal attacks. I'm not interested in that. But the fact is I see politics differently, I see our path forward differently than Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath do.

"I'm concerned at some of the stuff Tim Hudak's talking about because I think he's going to pick a fight with labour, with teachers. I think he's dangerous. 

"I don't know what Andrea Horwath stands for. I think that she's been very unclear on some issues that I would have thought the NDP would have been clear on... I've been pretty clear about where I think we need to go. I've said that I'm not going to cut 'n' slash, I've said we need to make investments."

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's interview with George airs Tuesday, March 18, 2014 on CBC at 7 pm.