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Evangelist Jefferson Bethke On His Gay Mom: “I Love Her”
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When evangelist Jefferson Bethke was in the red chair George asked him how he dealt with the fact that his mother is gay. 

"My mom leads a gay lifestyle," said Bethke, author of Jesus > Religion. "They [his mother and her partner] are actually getting married very soon. I love my mom to death. I was raised by a single mom so there's this closeness that you can never leave.

"And this is what I say because it gets back to the conversation... because she loves me, I love her, she doesn't call me a bigot, I don't call her a bigot. Whatever it is, we just love each other, we're family and we might disagree. And I personally think that's harder. It's a lot harder to have a conversation when you're almost settling on the fact you disagree and there might not be progress from there. But I love you, let's have diner, let's talk, let's grow..."

Bethke then addresses how some organized religions are exclusionary.

"When I read church history, for example, what I see is that every worldview still has this idea of being exclusive," he said. "So when I read church history the thing that made Christianity explode was this idea that, especially in first century Romam culture, of gender barriers crushed, socio-economic barriers crushed. It made it really unique and I think we need to get back to a little bit of that reconciliation element about Jesus... and personally I don't know what it's like in Canada, but in the States my generation specifically I see us saying that pretty loudly."

Jefferson Bethke's interview on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight airs Friday, November 1 at 7 pm and 11:30 pm on CBC.