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Jake Gyllenhaal: “Who Doesn’t Struggle With Intimacy?”
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When George spoke with Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the topics that came up was the Buddhist writer and academic Robert Thurman.

This evolved into a conversation about interconnectedness, intimacy, no BS-ing and encouraging your children.

"It's important to be able to support and live a life where you can give in the world," said Gyllenhaal. "And those ideas are hard to grasp because people are struggling to just survive in a lot of ways. It is a lofty thought to be able to think about interconnectedness and to think about giving to other people and compassion, maybe, but I find that people who are most tried are people who are thinking that way. I think that that is what is most important."

Gyllenhaal then talked about the closeness of the relationship he has with Denis Villeneuve.

"Maybe I'm being crazy when I say this, but who doesn't struggle with intimacy in one way or another at different times? It's about showing your truth, your honesty. When working with [Enemy and Prisoners director] Denis [Villeneuve] I think that's what we're trying to be to each other all the time," said Gyllenhaal. "We say there's a no bullshit factor. That we're not allowed to bullshit. We constantly catch ourselves doing it with each other all the time when we're making a movie, these two movies we made using our normal tricks or whatever and then we catch each other. 

"That's why we're inspired by one another. 'Cause neither of us allows it."

Gyllenhaal also cautioned against over-praising one's children.

"My mother always made me think all my ideas were extraordinary," said Gyllenhaal. "Which is a really big problem. Don't encourage that in your child. 'Cause everybody always talks about 'thanks to my mom for telling me my ideas were so great.' It's like, some of your ideas really suck. So you should know that too."