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Dave Foley On The Kids In The Hall Being Groundbreakers
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When Dave Foley was in the studio to talk about his new sitcom Spun Out, the conversation drifted to the groundbreaking sketch comedy show The Kids In The Hall, which he was part of in the '80s and the '90s. 

On The Kids In The Hall, homosexuality was frequently fodder for various sketches. At the time that just wasn't done.

"Well, you’ve got to remember that when we were on the air, that was the time when Thirtysomething lost all of their sponsors 'cause they had two men kiss on air," said Foley. "That’s how homophobic the world was back in those days."

AIDS was another taboo of the time.

"Oh no, you weren’t supposed to talk about it," said Foley. "It was the time when Ronald Reagan was refusing to acknowledge it or fund any research for it. So yeah, it was a very different world. I mean, now when you watch Kids In The Hall, it seems tame compared to, like, South Park."

George's interview with Dave Foley airs Friday, March 21 on CBC.