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Daniel Radcliffe: “I Regard Success As Becoming A Better Actor”
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Daniel Radcliffe's role as the boy wizard in the Harry Potter film franchise has cast a long shadow over his career, but every new project the actor takes on moves the actor further and further away from Hogwarts.

Radcliffe, who appeared naked in the 2007 adaptation of the play Equus, debuted three films at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, including a turn as a heart-sick med-school drop out in The F-Word and another as a suspected murderer in the forthcoming Horns. However, it's Kill Your Darlings, where Radcliffe plays beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg which has everyone talking. Likely because it features Radcliffe in a gay sex scene.

George asked Radcliffe about it when he was in the red chair.

GS: It must be so interesting to be able to do that kind of stuff now. Is it scary? The idea that you get to push yourself that way.

DR: I’m doing a wide variety of parts. But to be honest, even during Potter I did Equus. I’m getting so many questions about this gay sex scene. I’m getting more questions for playing a gay man than a seriously disturbed teenager.

GS: It’s this idea that in short order you’ve been able to dive into a lot of different roles. I don’t think a lot of people who start out in child work get to do this.

DR: I think a lot of it comes from doing Equus. It was a statement of intent and people went, "He’s serious about this. He’s prepared to take risks." I’ve been lucky that people have seen that, people have rewarded it by giving me opportunities. John [Krokidas, director] coming to see Equus is a great example. I played Allen Ginsberg because of Equus. I’ve got people coming to see (play) How To Succeed [In Business Without Really Trying] wanting to work with me.

If you take every job as an opportunity to prove something then hopefully you will prove something to somebody.

GS: Are you proving it to yourself as well?

DR: I’ve learned that the only definition of success that can matter is your own. Everyone seems to think that I’ve been completely successful and I can just stop now. There’s an attitude that success equates to money and if you’ve done that young then you’ve been successful. I actually don't think that's how I regard myself because I regard success as becoming a better actor with every job I do. I regard success as a career with longevity. That's a key part of it.

GS: Even as a person, a place to go and add value and have meaning. That’s also success, right?

DR: Yeah, of course.

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