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Dr. Cornel West Talks Oscar Peterson And Drake
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Philosopher, educator and activist Dr. Cornel West talked about the deep human connection humans get from music when George interviewed him recently.

West told George that music was one of the tools he uses to get through to the prisoners he teaches. He also explained why blues music isn't popular any more.

"The blues rhythms are too slow for Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco," said West. "You got to move that beat."

West also lauded the soul and R&B acts of the early '70s and compared them to modern artists. 

"James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Lakeside, Ohio Players, now they got the rhythm of their time," said West. "But it's not just that. It's The Main Ingredient, the Blue Magic, The Whispers, The Temptations, The Miracles, The Emotions, they all singing together. Listen closely. 

"These days music of the precious young brothers and sisters of all colours, but disproportionately black musicians, they don't have groups any more. They don't sing together. They don't sing in harmony. Some of them can't sing in tune. And they still make money."

West had nicer things to say about a pair of Canadian artists.

"Of course, I'm in Canada so I got to say something about Oscar Peterson. What a giant," said West. 

"I saw brother Oscar at the Blue Note in New York right after he had his stroke. He was playing the piano with one arm and you listened to it and it looked like it was three arms working and you say, 'Oh my god, what genius. Canada's something else.' But I guess Drake is alright, too.

"You gotta give Drake some props."