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Brett Kissel On Hunting: “We Have A Really Good Time”
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When fast-rising country musician Brett Kissel was in the red chair George asked him about one of the singer's activities -- hunting.

George mentioned that when Kissel posts hunting photos on his Instagram account it elicits both positive and negative reaction.

"Yeah, I get in trouble for that," said Kissel, in this exclusive web clip, who noted that he also gets criticized for dressing stylishly. "I come from a hunting background. Growing up on a cattle ranch... someone was even making fun of me wearing scarves and stuff like that. You can't win."

Kissel further explained why he hunts.

"When it comes to hunting we really have a good time with that," he said. "Ted Nugent likes to hunt. But he says 'I don't kill anything I don't eat' and same thing with us. We just eat it."

The singer never used to get scrutinized like this before and now that Kissel does he considers it a mark of achievement. 

"I kind of felt that it was a bit of a measure of success because you rewind a couple of years and nobody cared what I did," he said. "Now, kind of, people care." 

Watch the Brett Kissel broadcast interview on Friday, October 18 at 7 pm on CBC.