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Bank Robberies And Borrowed Rent: Aaron Paul’s Difficult Path To Success
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Need For Speed actor Aaron Paul certainly paid his dues before he scored his breakout role on the series Breaking Bad

Paul told George what it was like moving from Idaho to an unsavory part of Hollywood when he was first starting out.

"The first place I lived at was Laurel and Burbank and the weekend that I was moving in when my mom was there, there was the big Bank of America robbery-shootout [in 1997]," said Paul. "The first thing I plugged into the outlet was a radio. We just turn on some music and then as I'm unpacking boxes, 'Breaking news! Robbery on Laurel Canyon at Bank of America!' We started hearing all the helicopters. My mom, I could see her start sweating, like, 'I can't believe I'm leaving my son here in this crazy world of Hollywood...'

"But she said, 'Yep. Good luck.'"

It was when Paul was most down-on-his-luck that both his family and the acting powers-that-be gave him a helping hand.

"I think probably in the back of their mind they saw me coming home," said Paul, recalling his parents expectations for him. "Because I had so many ups and downs, so many struggles, so much rejection. But to me, I never saw myself going home. And to be honest, the first time I ever asked my parents for any sort of financial help, which was so hard for me to ask 'em, because this is my dream. It's not their dream... but first time I asked them for any sort of help was right before booking Breaking Bad.

"I was like, 'Could you help me with my rent?' And they paid my rent three months in a row, which was so hard for me to allow them to do. It was so hard for them to do it. They had nothing. 

"And then I booked Breaking Bad and the rest is history."