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Aaron Paul On The First Time He Met Steven Spielberg
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When former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul came by the studio, he told George about the first time he met director Steven Spielberg.

"I was working at a movie theatre as an usher," started Paul. "I was there for two weeks and we did a premiere for Primary Colors, this John Travolta film.

"So the first celebrity that I recognized was Spielberg, he came walking in and I just started freaking out on the inside and out. So I just took his ticket and I'm just shaking and I was, 'Enjoy the...'

"And I haven't seen him since. But I thought to myself,. 'I've made it. I've truly made it. I'm living the dream right now. I almost shook Steven Spielberg's hand.'"

The second celebrity he saw?

"I saw Travolta and I said, 'Enjoy your movie.'" 

Aaron Paul's new film Need For Speed is out March 14, and his interview with George airs Wednesday, March 12, 2014.