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Vanilla Ice Remembers The Electronic Sackbut
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Rapper and reality star Vanilla Ice took some time out from his latest show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, to share something you might not know about Canada.

His revelation? That a Canadian named Hugh Le Caine created the first synthesizer in the 1940s, a device he called the "Electronic Sackbut." Le Caine even created a song called "The Sackbut Blues" to showcase his invention.

"'The Sackbut Blues" didn't top the charts like 'Ice Ice Baby' did," said Vanilla Ice. "But it's still a pretty hip tune for the times. By the 1970s and '80s we had Kraftwerk, Men Without Hats and now we have Daft Punk." And all of that thanks to Hugh Le Caine.


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