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Vanilla Ice
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Vanilla Ice was in the red chair to talk about Madonna, his career and his latest adventure, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.

And yes, that title's exactly what it sounds like. The "Ice Ice Baby" rapper is jumping in the buggy to immerse himself in Amish culture for his new program.

"Ice Ice Baby" - Alliance, SBK Records
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"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze" - Golden Harvest Company,
New Line Cinema, Northshore Investments Ltd.
"In Living Colour" - 20th Century Fox Television, Ivory Way Productions

To the Extreme (ALBUM COVER) - Alliance, SBK Records
I Love You / Stop That Train (ALBUM COVER) - SBK, Capitol
Extremely Live (ALBUM COVER) - Alliance, SBK Records
Bi-Polar (ALBUM COVER) - Liquid 8
Mind Blowin' (ALBUM COVER) - SBK Records
Hard to Swallow (ALBUM COVER) - Universal Distribution / Republic