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Occupy Movement Got People “Back To Camping” Steve Patterson Tells Panel
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When Steve Patterson, Scott Montgomery and Jennifer Goodhue convened on The Panel the topic of the day was "protesting."  

Patterson appreciated that the Occupy movement helped people get some fresh air.

"It got a lot of people outside," Patterson said. "I think that's important. I think a lot of people never get in touch with the outdoors in the city. It got a lot of people outdoors and it got them back to camping. And I think that camping is underestimated."

Goodhue, meanwhile, talked about how well the campaign against Canadian-made TV is going.

"Canadians are really great at protesting and boycotting," Goodhue said. "They're amazing at boycotting things. They've boycotted Canadian-made television for years and we're almost rid of it. Almost gone."