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Hayden (Full Performance Video)

Hayden (Full Performance Video)

Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden joined George for an intimate conversation and an exclusive acoustic performance.

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Jenn Robertson Reveals To The Panel Her Cure For Cheating—Diarrhea
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When Sean Cullen, Jenn Robertson and Eman El-Husseini joined Strombo on The Panel they had something bad in mind -- cheating.

Robertson suggested a good dose of diarrhea could curb cheating.

"I have i.b.s. (irritable bowel syndrome) so every time I eat food that's a cheat I have wicked diarrhea," said Robertson. "If everyone in the world just had wicked diarrhea every time they cheated the world would be a lot more organized."

Cullen, meanwhile, says cheating is all about breaking the rules.

"Cheating comes directly from socialization because as soon as you have rules you start trying to break them to get advantage. So you can't cheat if there are no rules."