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Scott Thompson and The Panel Dislike YOLO and LOL
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When Scott Thompson, K. Trevor Wilson and Zabrina Chevannes were on The Panel, the topic of the day was "Words."

Wilson was quick to explain which word he most dislikes — the word "like," when used improperly.

"When people misuse simile, it drives me absolutely crazy, and it's the downfall of our language," he explained. "Kids, you use 'like' in a sentence, 'It's like he's got a great big house...' Does he have a great big house? Or is it something similar to him living in a barn? Just say he lives in a great big house."

Thompson hates acronyms. 

"LOL makes me ill," he said. "I just refuse to use it. If someone sends me a text and puts in 'LOL' it's game over. I don't respond. I never talk to them again as long as we live."

Chevannes backed up Thompson.

"I was talking to my daughter the other day and I guess there's one by Drake in a song, 'YOLO,'" she said. "Yeah, I hate that. And my daughter said that's a thing now. Her friends at school are like, 'Oh, are you crying? YOLO!' I'm like, 'What is that?' It's horrible."