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To Tip, Or Not To Tip, That Is The Argument On The Panel
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Things got particularly heated when we had Ryan McMahon, Bobby Mair and Rebecca Kohler on The Panel. The reason? Tipping.

Or, more specifically, whether or not you should tip on services. And if so, how much?

Kohler argued that people in the service industry truly deserve their tips.

"If you can afford to go out and eat, you can afford to tip," said Kohler. "People get mad about tipping. They're like, 'Oh, why would I give her my money?' It's because her job is awful. Like, could you give her a break?"

Mair was straightforward in his feelings about tipping bartenders.

"I despise giving money to bartenders," he said. "It's the most overrated job because they'll make $300 on a Friday night for opening beers. Like they're worth it. You're not worth it."

McMahon, who used to work as a bartender, had a pointed message for Mair, who performs much of his comedy in Britain.

"We could probably put a tip jar out for all the studio audience. They can put their loonies and twoonies in. We could send you back to England..."