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COMING UP: Hallowe’en Special

COMING UP: Hallowe’en Special

Sunday is the night of the vampires, devils, wolves, monsters —and The Strombo Show's annual Hallowe'en Special.

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Ron James Explains To The Panel Why Red Carpets Can Be Scary
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When Ron James, Leslie Seiler and Marty Adams were on The Panel, the topic of the day was "Award Shows."

Seiler explained what she likes about them.

"My favourite part is when somebody not-famous wins," said Seiler. "Like, Doug, the editor. He's been an editor for like 20 years, he finally gets his chance to edit Avatar..."

Ron James discussed his least favourite award show moments. 

"I have to say the interviews on the red carpet," said James. "Because you know everybody's really uncomfortable and there's usually some garish visage of plastic surgery who's asking the questions. Like, seeing that Joan Rivers skull come at ya, workin' for a lifetime at the craft you enjoy and suddenly you're cornered by, well, the gatekeeper to the crypt."