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The Panel: Patrick McKenna, Brendan McKeigan and Anna Gustafson Talk Mental Health
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When Patrick McKenna, Brendan McKeigan and Anna Gustafson were on The Panel, the topic of the day was mental health.

McKenna, who's best known as Harold Green on The Red Green Show, talked about receiving a diagnosis of ADHD.

"It was relieving, it was great," he said. "You're always wondering, 'Am I a screw-up? What's the problem?' So if someone puts a label on it, at least you've got boundaries to work with."

Gustafson talked a little about the stigma of mental illness.

"There's so much shame. I think people get scared to say the wrong thing, so consequently they say nothing, and that creates more shame and more isolation. It just compounds."

All three comedians are participating in Cracking Up The Capital, a comedy festival supporting mental health awareness in Ottawa from February 6 to 8.