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Mike MacDonald Tells The Panel About Life After A Liver Transplant
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When Mike MacDonald, Pay Chen and K. Trevor Wilson were on the Panel, the topic of the day was "medical phobias."

MacDonald is a liver transplant recipient. This, perhaps surprisingly, made good fodder for Panel jokes.

"I have no problems with organ donation," said Chen. "I think it's a great thing... I spend my living days hoping that someone wants me for my face and my body, so if in the end it's true that what's inside is what counts then so be it."

Wilson has warmed to the idea over the years.

"When I was younger I did not like the idea of people going in and taking my parts out," he said. "It felt very Egyptian to me... like, I don't like people fishin' around in my closet. They're gonna be fishin' around in my stomach."

 MacDonald says he's different since the transplant.

"I sincerely believe the guy I got it from was a lot more emotional," he said. "Cause I'll find myself... my wife loves that show What Not To Wear, and I'll sit there going (fakes cry-talking), 'Oh, she does look better with that haircut...'"