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Kathryn Greenwood Explains Why Mothers Fear Everything
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Patrick Bristow, Kathryn Greenwood and Ali Hassan discussed their fears when they were on a special Halloween-themed edition of The Panel.

George, who dressed as a priest for the occasion, coaxed intimate confessions out of the trio.

Hassan, who was costumed as the Swedish Chef, opened up about his germophobia. 

"My biggest fear was germs growing up as a kid," said Hassan. "It was borderline germophobia if not full-blown. And I feel proud of myself, I attacked that head on. I just said 'I'm gonna go right out and go against this...' And I would grab a public door handle, and turn it... and then just suck on each finger."

Bristow's greatest fear involved not being connected.

"I'm going to sound really shallow," started Bristow. "It's not having my cellphone Every time I leave home and realize I've left it I feel so vulnerable out in the real world without my digital leash and my access to photos and songs."

Greenwood, meanwhile, had a more all-encompassing answer when George asked what she was afraid of.

"Everything," Greenwood said. "Absolutely everything. And I have a great respect for fear because as soon as I became a mother I was terrified and I will be for the rest of my life and I think there is a biological purpose for this because mothers have to be a step ahead and always thinking of the darkest place to go so that we can make sure that the kids don't actually go to that dark, horrible place. 

"Let me tell you. It is like, "Can we go camping?" "No, we'll be eaten by cougars." "Can we pick shells off the beach?" "No, a rogue wave will happen.'

"This is exhausting. It's 24-7. We didn't ask for this. It's inherent. Somebody has to step up to the fear plate. Mothers do it. I would like to just take this moment to ask all children and husbands to please stop saying to us 'Honey, you worry too much.' Because it's the only reason you're still here."