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COMING UP: Season Ten Kick-Off & Polaris Prize Special

COMING UP: Season Ten Kick-Off & Polaris Prize Special

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The Panel: Grant Lawrence Explains Why Every Rec Hockey Team Needs A Player Who’s A Doctor
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When Grant Lawrence, Naomi Snieckus and Paul Bates convened for The Panel, the topic of the day was "Strategic Friendships."

Lawrence said one of the most valuable strategic friendships he has is with a physician who plays on his hockey team.

"I've been on a beer league hockey team for 10 years and with that group in the room there's just so many talents beyond hockey; in fact there's very little hockey talent. And one of the guys is a doctor.

"What is the hardest thing to get in Canada besides kicking out a mayor?" Lawrence asked the Panel. "MRI. So whenever we hurt each other this guy owns his own MRI machine so the next morning we're in before the crowd."