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Gilbert Gottfried on His Physical Appearance: “I’m Starting To Look Like Demi Moore.”
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When Gilbert Gottfried, Ryan Belleville and Pay Chen were on The Panel, the topic was "Act Your Age."

Age, it turns out, is affecting them all in different ways.

Gottfried's physical appearance is one thing he's noticed has changed over the years.

"I'm starting to look like Demi Moore," he said.

For Chen, it's never fun comparing herself to younger people who are talented and successful.

"Obviously I didn't work as hard as I should have and I should just stop trying right now," Chen joked. "I peaked probably at the age of 12."

Belleville also had his own issues with the young and talented.

"When I see someone who's six and can play an instrument amazingly I just want to hold them down and fart in their mouth just so they know what real disappointment tastes like and feels like," he said. "Just for a second."