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COMING UP: Colin James and Adam Driver

COMING UP: Colin James and Adam Driver

A Canadian blues icon and a celebrated actor join George in his home.

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Ennis Esmer Unveils A “Strombo For Mayor” Shirt On Panel
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When Ennis Esmer, Derek Seguin and Naomi Snieckus were on The Panel, the topic of the day was "symbols."

Seguin, a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, compared the hockey team's logo to religious icons.

"George and I believe in the team that has documented proof — like, there's photographs of all our championships. Unlike some of the religious symbols, they're like 'Oh, sure, we'll take your word for that.' We actually have 24 Stanley Cups."

Snieckus had a special affinity for a particular logo.

"I'm a big fan of the CBC symbol because it means there might be a paycheque coming my way," she said. 

Esmer, meanwhile, used the opportunity to unveil his own symbol of sorts — a "Strombo For Mayor" t-shirt.