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Big Jay Oakerson Tells The Panel His Favourite Winter Olympic Moment Is ‘Cool Runnings’
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When Arthur Simeon, Jennifer Hedger and Big Jay Oakerson were on The Panel, the topic of the day was Olympic Predictions.

Oakerson, who co-hosts the Legion of Skanks podcast, tried to pick his favourite Winter Olympics moment.

"So here we are with the Winter Olympics, which no American really watches," he said. "So if I had to say a favourite moment I would say the film Cool Runnings. I know we're supposed to say the Miracle On Ice thing, but I don't know what that even means."

George then asked Simeon if he had a favourite Winter Olympics sport.

"Actually I don't because they don't have the one sport that I think everyone in this country would appreciate and would introduce to other countries, which is 'Winnipeg In January.' 

"That should be a sport where contestants come in and try and get to work. In Winnipeg. In January." 


Cool Runnings - Walt Disney Pictures