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Arlene Dickinson Gives Great Advice To The Panel
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When Arlene Dickinson, Jully Black and DeAnne Smith were on The Panel the topic of the day was "Best and Worst Advice."

The best advice Dickinson got was from her children to go on a then-unknown show called Dragons' Den

"When Dragons' Den was on the first year I got a call to be on the show. I went home and said to my kids, 'Kids, they've asked me to be on a show called Dragons' Den. I don't know if I want to do it. I mean, it's on TV, I'm going to look old and all this stuff...' And they said, 'Oh mom, c'mon, who watches that show anyhow?'"

Dickinson's own piece of advice for The Panel:

"Never pay more for a bottle of wine than you did for your hotel room," she said. "That's always a good one."

"And always take care of your own money."