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Albert Howell Tells The Panel He’s Against City Ostriches
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When Albert Howell, Mark Little and Zabrina Chevannes were on The Panel the topic of the day involved whether or not city dwellers should be allowed to maintain chicken coops and keep other animals like pigs on their property.

Chevannes was blunt on where animals should be kept.

"I don't know, man. I think chickens should stay in the farm and kids in the suburbs and drug dealers and drug addicts in the city. That's it," she said. "End of story. Hell no. That's right, separate it."

Howell, whose family raised ostriches on a farm, told The Panel he's against them being in the city.

"They're very terrifying creatures. They're very large," he started. "And I went into the pen this one time, my dad had said, 'Oh, if you're ever in the pen just carry a shovel with you because if you carry it above your head he'll think you're bigger than him and he won't bother you.' And they do this territorial stamping thing. 

"Well, this one day I went into the pen. I forgot the shovel. And this ostrich comes up and he just starts stammering, so the only other thing you can do is lower your head to show that he's the dominant male in the room...

"He just went to town on me right there. So as far as I'm concerned, no ostriches."

Little, however, is fine with urban donkeys.

"I wouldn't mind like a donkey in the city," he said. I'd be into a donkey in the city. Because let's say that the bus breaks and I don't have my donkey around, like, how else am I going to get my oranges downtown? There's no other way to shlep all these oranges."