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Ryan Belleville, Aisha Alfa And Pete Zedlacher In Cataclysmic Newsgathering Shocker
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When Aisha Alfa, Ryan Belleville and Pete Zedlacher were on The Panel the question of the day was "What's News?"

George asked the panelists where they get their news each day, and the answer was bad news for print publications.

"The internet," replied Belleville. "I think most people under 65 get it on the internet."

Zedlacher has a formula for his news search.

"I go globally, then I go locally," he said. "So I'll start with BBC and CNN and CBC, and then local news, and then I'll turn to my wife and say, 'Hey, how are you doing?'"

Alfa gets her news from Twitter.

"It feels kind of like the headlines that pick 'n' choose/choose-your-own-adventure, kind of like your own customized Starbucks beverage of news." [this one is confusing gramatically...]