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The Panel Tackles Privacy: ‘Invade It All,’ Says Tony Hinchcliffe
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When Tony Hinchcliffe, Gilson Lubin and Ashley Botting were on The Panel, the topic of the day was "Privacy, Should We Care?"

"I really wish I had a good reason to care," said Botting, on the subject of government agencies spying on citizens. "Like, I wish I was part of some espionage ring or something, but it's just my mother calling to tell me about my nephew's bowel movements. That's all that's happening."

Lubin had a social media-related concern.

"I'm more upset they're not following me on Twitter," Lubin said. "Because that's where I post most of my goals, first off. And I could use the followers."

Hinchcliffe has come to terms with this new reality.

"I'm glad they're monitoring everybody," Hinchcliffe said. "I think if you invade privacy, invade all the way. I'm American. Invade privacy, invade Iraq, invade Afghanistan…invade it all."