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Ren Bostelaar, Allana Harkin And Pay Chen Talk Stats On The Panel
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When Ren Bostelaar, Allana Harkin and Pay Chen were on The Panel the topic of the day was "Stats."

George asked The Panel what they were attracted to in terms of stats.

"When I see crime stats broken down by ethic group I feel I'm not really doing my part," said Chen. "I'm sort of underachieving on that."

Harkin has a specific type of stat she feels she needs to investigate.

"There are some stats I want to take some action with them," she said. "For instance, Rob Ford, when he throws out stats I kinda go, 'I think I'm gonna look into that a little bit more.' Because a Rob Ford stat is sort of like a movie based on a true story. "

Bostelaar, who authors the Stats Canada parody Twitter account, says there are people who don't realize the stats they publish are a joke.

"Hey, we've been doing it a year-and-a-half and people are still falling for it. I think that's the thing that keeps us going."