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Ryan Kwanten Doesn’t Know How True Blood Will End
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Ryan Kwanten's most famous role is as the vampire-beleaguered police officer Jason Stackhouse on the show True Blood.

While in the red chair to promote his new filmed-in-Alberta movie The Right Kind Of Wrong Kwanten took some time out to talk about Stackhouse's unique sort of determination.

While doing so George tried to get some spoilers for next season out of him.

GS: Do you know the ending of your series when it starts? Do they tell you that stuff?

RK: No, no. I barely know the next episode. 

GS: Is that because they don't want you to know or because they don't have it?

RK: Because they don't have it. And to be honest, I'm not one of those actors that needs to know and it's the kind of character that works better the least he knows. 

GS: Is it easier or harder to play a guy that has to be sort of a little dumb?

RK: You definitely have to put effort into it but he comes into every scene with such vim and vigour. He's always rushing from somewhere and he always leaves that scene rushing off to the next place with twice as much speed so there's an enormous amount of energy that he always has to have. If we're shooting nights and we do do a lot of nights since it's a vampire show I find myself always sort of lifting up the crew because it's not necessarily... the energy's not coming from me it's coming from this guy.

Kwanten went on to suggest that everyone could benefit from viewing the world a little bit like Jason Stackhouse.

"He just lives life with such fervent spontenaeity," said Kwanten. "Like, this is a guy who, give him a cliff and he's already off it. There's no sense of thought. Whereas me personally, as much as I'm an adrenaline junkie I still want to know the repercussions of anything I do. I want to know 'OK, if that's plan A, what if that doesn't work out? Let's figure out the next three things.' This guy... Boom! Off. I think it's liberating to sort of have a little sense of that."

Ryan Kwanten's interview on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show airs Friday, October 11 at 7 pm.