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Ron Howard: Jay Z Reminds Me Of Frank Sinatra
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Ron Howard, director of the documentary 'Made In America', is in the red chair tonight, Friday September 27. In this clip, he tells George about the one performer that Jay Z reminds him of the most: Frank Sinatra. 

It's a comparison Jay himself has made in his music ("this is Sinatra at the opera — bring a blonde," he raps in "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)"), but the connection occurred to Ron organically. Watching Jay perform, he says, reminded him of "an opportunity [he] had many, many years ago, in a very small club, before his last retirement, to go and see Frank Sinatra play." 

In this clip, Ron talks about...

Jay's "connection with the audience"

Ron Howard: One of the things that really impressed me was Jay Z's connection with the audience and I found the same thing with Eddie Vedder, to be honest. It took me back to an opportunity that I had many, many years ago to go to a very small club - later in his life, but before his "last retirement" - to see Frank Sinatra sing. I remember, I was blown away. He was singing songs he had sung hundreds, thousands of times and yet, you know, his art was that he was telling a story. He was acting. He was conveying. There was real emotion there.

George Stroumboulopoulos: But that connection wasn't acting, that connection felt authentic with all three.

RH: Exactly! And so I was honestly watching Jay Z and thought, 'Frank Sinatra', which doesn't make a lot of sense, except - good is good.