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Astrologer Phil Booth Explains The Weather
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During a recent edition of The Debrief, George did a quick interview with his "favourite astrologer" Phil Booth.

One thing George asked Booth: when will the weather get back to normal?

Here's what Booth said:

"I think it would be difficult to figure out the actual weather pattern that exact," said Booth. "But you get signs of it, like nature's always talking to us.

"But in 2010, that was a very important time. That was when the Arab Spring started, it was January 21, 2010 dead birds, dead fish, remember when all the birds were falling out [of the sky]? That was the beginning of it there. The birds, I realized, were an indication that the air would be turbulent because we got loads of tornadoes, big tornadoes started. And the fish were like precipitation and water. And that's when it started."

George's next question: "We're screwed, huh?"

"It's not looking good," said Booth. "But I am an optimist."


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