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Nia Vardalos Talks About The Pressure Of Trying To Start A Family
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Born to a Greek immigrant family in Winnipeg, Nia Vardalos was taught that a strong work ethic was all that she needed to find happiness and success. This certainly proved true in the Canadian comic's career. After studying at Second City in Chicago, Vardalos wrote, staged and performed a one-woman show that caught the eye of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, who helped make it into the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a surprise hit that took in $241 million at the box office.

Vardalos felt like she could do anything, so being unable to conceive a child came as a particularly hard blow.

"We were raised in a family where everyone had a moustache," says Vardalos in a excerpt from her interview with George. "The women too. And everyone ate together and laughed together. Everyone knows your business. Everyone knows everything! So the minute I got married, everyone was like, 'Are you pregnant? Where's the baby?'"

Vardalos -- whose new book Instant Mom chronicles her journey to adopt a little girl from the American foster-care system --  goes on to talk about societal pressure to become a biological mother and rethinking the concept of family.

Watch the full Nia Vardalos interview on Monday, September 30 at 7 pm.