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I WAS THERE: Murray Dowey Wins Olympic Hockey Gold For Canada In 1948
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Murray Dowey, the goalie for the 1948 gold medal-winning Canadian Olympic hockey team, explained what the experience was like.

Taking place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Dowey and the rest of the Canadian team had to face the home Swiss team and their fans.

"What I remember very much about it was the crowd that was there," says Dowey. "Predominantly Swiss, they were throwing snowballs at us and throwing snowballs at everybody."

The ice conditions weren't good and their opponents weren't fun to play against, either.

"It really didn't make for a very good hockey game, but we managed to win it," said Dowey.

Murray Dowey was in Toronto to help RBC unveil their Olympic roster, a sponsorship tradition which began with an RCAF hockey team that went on to win gold in Switzerland of which Dowey is a surviving member..


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