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Kings Of Leon Reveal They Were Offered One Of The First iPod Commercials
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Nathan and Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon are in the red chair tonight, Wednesday, October 2. In this clip, they tell George about the band's hesitance to sell or license its music earlier in its career, even when a major advertiser — one of the first to use "indie" bands in its commercials — came calling.

In this clip, Nathan and Caleb talk about...

Leaving hits off a record

George Stroumboulopoulos: When you have something like that kind of success where you're on the radio all the time do you have to find a way to replicate it in some other way?

Caleb Followill: No, I'm the worst at that. If somebody tells me something's a hit I usually try to leave it off the record. It's so silly, I don't know why. It's just this fear of oversaturating the market. 

"Selling out"

Nathan Followill: When we first started out, "selling out" had a totally different definition than it does now. We got offered - I won't name the brand, but we got offered a commercial 10 years ago to be like the first band to put a song on this certain brand. And we were like, "no, we can't, we'll lose respect with all of our fans," and so another band did it and blew up and sold millions of records and made tons of money...

GS: I assumed it was for the iPod. [Nathan acknowledges with a nod] The first one

NF: The first Apple.

GS: God, that would have been so cool. No regrets, but still.

NF: But, we didn't want to be known as that iPod band. And so a band did it, and they got success, and they did that, but still to this day, they're known as the iPod band.

CF: And we're known as the idiots that didn't do it.